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After living near Miami, FL for several years, Ashlee moved back to the Midwest with her husband so their small son could dance with fireflies and roam the Midwestern wild the same way that she had as a child. Translating the creative mind’s observation of the natural world, Ashlee’s drawings chase dreamlike images to the cusp of reality by marrying the botanical and the surreal. Her work is often narrative, providing a paper warren for a creature to exist while luring the viewer to imagine an extension of the subject’s two dimensional territory.
Ashlee received her BFA with a Minor in Art History from University of Missouri-Columbia in 2012 and has been exhibiting and selling her artwork for the past ten years. When she’s not making art, Ashlee loves to get lost in her garden with her three year old son where they battle pirates on lost islands, fly with dragons around kingdoms in the sky, and search lush jungles for purple tigers.

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